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Zia Mahood one of the best Bridge players in the world

   Subash Gupta , India's best Brdge player          

   Maurice De la Salle , 2nd best Bridge player in Riverdale
Piotr & Louise Klimowicz Nancy Cook "I am so happy . Doug made the hand !!" Silver at World Women Pairs at Philadelphia
Val Tom very popular Gold Life Master at the EBC Mike Yanciw getting nourishment for next session Ruth Reeves & Pat Chase great ladies at the EBC
Checking Bud Lite stock for tonights game.  Alvin Baragar entertaining Bill Cox Just enough room for Bryant Town
The infamous Dora Lee & Paula Nowlan partnership Noted red wine expert - Doug Hawrelak Lounging at the EBC
Val Tom & Paula Nowlan Ross Armour & Harry Tom Unit 391 Board 2011
Louise Klimowicz & Anita Lambert Barry Pritchard instructing his students The Long's & Bob Frender ( aka Fred Bender )
Christie McKinney & friends Lana Blacket & fellow Hawaiian's Val Tom & Dorothy Kwok
Dick McKinney & Bill McDonald Elly Bodner & Peter Jones Hawaiians everywhere
Honolulu Vinnie Harry Tom & Rick Kroetsch Laurie Shapka draws a crowd
Lee Barton & friends Leslie Pettie & Bill McDonald Leslie Pettie & Scott Brinsmead
Lloyda Jones giving instructions Lorna & Bill McDonald Lorna & Lana
Luicille Barton & friends Lynne & Rick Kroetsch Mavis Bergquist & friend
Nancy Mcbeth & friends Jym & Patti Metcalfe Patti & Mike
Laurie Shapka enjoying a "quiet" moment  Party Gals  - Laurie & Kiz Ah  , I understand now . Susan overbid ! 
Osama & accomplice  Bob Watts & wife with unknown Hawaiian  Bridgebabe & Perry Khakar 
Adam Theil getting advice from Maurice Long time Bridge Partnership Peter , Paula but no Mary
Linda Taschuk & her frequent partner "Dog" Hawrelak   Donna Wynn  Gurcharan & Jiti Bhatia 
The infamous "Tormentees"   Elly Bodner & George Brunesse  "Perfect" Partnership 
Mathew marvels afar at Chris Buchanan's bid   Ron Kupchanko  Vince & Paula Nowlan 
Yes Dears  Dianna Baragar  Jack Harvey about to double overbidders
Charles Hitchfeld  Jason "Bugs" Dufault & wife  Osama bids funny 
Linda & Paul  Lisa Cabay  Stan Cabay 
Sue Scwann & friends  Scott Brinsmead  Adam & Laurie