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Subject: DSIP example


Yes , I would make a D.S.I.P. double due to my stiff spade. The purpose of a D.S.I.P. double is to clarify an ambiguous auction & show partner how much duplication of value held in the opponents suit ( splinter ). I like equating a D.S.I.P. double to a splinter in these auctions but not necessarily so . A jump to game vul by a passed hand  is the most unclear auction ever devised. Even a 2H overcall is ambiguous as to defensive strength.  How much defense required depends on the context of the bidding. If your hand and what partner may contribute on the auction  is enough to beat the contract then you double. The 6th heart is not good for the double but can be reasonably expected for a 2H overcall. On a good day , the 2H hand can beat 4S all by himself. I would pull the double (east ) to 5H as cheap insurance or a possible make in IMPS and pass in match points hoping for +200 . I would never bid 5H directly as that is too single handed.


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Subject: DSIP example


Vul: Both

Dealer: East







2                            984

A109754                KQ863

Q83                        A6

KQ10                     762







Actual bidding (East = Bill Stuart)

P    1S    2H    2S

4H  4S    P      P

5H  X     P      P



Should West make a DSIP X of 4S? How much defence does a DSIP X by West