Friday, July 16, 2004 4:28 PM
Subject: D.S.I.P. Example




Another D.S.I.P.  example







AK10x                         QJxx                    Auction    1   by Lisa P by Maurice  & 1♠ by Stan        

xx                                 Qx                                            DBL by Bob  & 3♠ by Lisa bringing 4 by Maurice and 4♠ By Stan

KJxxxx                       A10x                                     This got doubled by Maurice for –590 .

x                                   xxxx









D.S.I.P.  analysis .  This hand shows the weakness of playing trump stack doubles. If Maurice had QJ109 of spades instead of xxxx , 4♠ X goes for a horrific #. If you play 2NT by me as an intermediate two suiter and 1NT as a weak takeout that could help in this auction. Standard bidding though is a double shows an opening hand with the two unbid suits and 1NT shows a weak takeout with the two unbid suits. If I make a 2nd double in standard bidding I might have KQ10  of spades !!


            Despite that , the 2nd  D.S.I.P. double clarifies the auction. It says I have the more distributional type of double ( pass shows the defensive type ) , probably a singleton in their suit and I want to bid 5. Partner has an easy pull to 5 as all his points are in my two suits and they must have diamonds & spades locked up. When I passed , Maurice had to make a single handed guess what my hand was. He assumed a 4-4 flatish 16 HCP hand for my double and he doubled based on that. The 2ND D.S.I.P. double would have clarified my hand for him and leave options open in case he did have QJ10x of spades.  5 goes for –50  and beats all the partials people were in Thurs night.


If  Maurice & I were vul and Cabays not vul , forcing passes apply. The fact that Maurice contracted for a vul game turns on the forcing pass switch.  In this case ,  my pass invites Maurice to bid 5.  All other vulnerabilities D.S.I.P. doubles apply as we do not “own the hand” just because we bid game.



Note:  we have yet to have a hand where a D.S.I.P. double would have back fired in a competitive auction.