Friday, December 08, 2006 12:52 AM

Strong 2




          Going back to the Goren days of natural strong twos , we play 2 as strong , natural & game forcing with most hand types. This treatment takes diamonds out of the 2♣ structure and incorporates the strong Roman 2 hands. 2 is an automatic waiting bid and no other response is allowed other than a positive diamond raise. This waiting puts responder in a “straight jacket” so that opener can describe his hand. Any bids at the 3 level in a new suit including a jump to 3 is a two suiter. 2NT is natural and 2 is a relay to 2NT to describe the Roman 2 hands.


          The strong 2 also includes the ACOL 2 hand types which is a strong diamond hand but not forcing to game. Responder is allowed to pass this auction.



 3-P-P                 all other bids other than the 3 rebid are forcing to game. There is no need for a negative or a 2nd negative as a pass does the job quite nicely as a 2nd negative.


If you have a super single suited diamond hand 2-P-2-P

                                                                          4  is KCB for diamonds.



4♣//   is exclusion KCB with diamonds implied.


          BJ has come up with an excellent idea over the 2NT rebid by opener. Stayman is of course not needed so he suggests playing 3♣ as a relay to 3 which can be passed ! If responder now bids after the relay , it shows interest in a diamond slam. Excellent ! Transfers are still on after 2NT so this relay allows some diamond slam tries. Just like the Wolfe relay , bidding 3NT after the relay is a balanced slam try in diamonds. A slam try under 3NT , again excellent. 2 is normally a game force but with a 2NT rebid , there are hands where the dummy is so pitiful you want to bail to your known diamond fit.