Wednesday, August 02, 2006 1:13 AM

Playing the Vulnerability – D.S.I.P.




            I have been playing Bridge for 40 years but I am relatively new to terrorism. My partners & I are allowed a lot of leeway nv vrs vul. There must be some understandings with this “leeway” though. BJ Trelford was nv vrs vul so opened 1♣. I responded 1 , BJ rebid 2♣ so I bid 2NT which is a one round force in our system . BJ held ♠Kxx Kxx A ♣Axxxxx so on this vulnerability he must bid 3NT to show a “real opener” . If he bids 3♣ that has to show “terrorism” as per the system so I might even pass with 13 HCP.


            The “death response” must be alive & well playing this style. BJ nv against vul held ♠Axx KJxxx xxx ♣Qx  , overcalled 1 as per our style on this vulnerability. I bid 2 , BJ bid 2 so I passed with my 13 HCP & 2 is the correct spot. On other vulnerabilities , I would take one more push with my 13 HCP probably 3 so partner should bid 4 on any excuse. This is because I assume a “real overcall” on other vulnerabilities. I think on this one vulnerability , a jump to 3 after a Q bid should say I have a real overcall but not enough to jump to 4. Game tries should be more prevalent on this one vulnerability. With other vulnerabilities , you would just jump to game if you think it makes & assuming a limit raise Q bid. If I have 13 HCP , and you overcall on other vulnerabilities you are playing it in game.


            This vulnerability is where Meckwell get to their 23 HCP 3NT games. They open on 9 & 10 HCP so the 13 HCP hand blasts them to game anyway. From what I have seen , they either go down a bunch or luck out & make the contract. The 13 HCP hand does not allow any leeway. You open so you are in game. If you do not have your values ,  you better play it a couple of tricks better. I guess it must be this way or you need Drury all the time .


            D.S.I.P. theory actually helps playing a terrorism style. A D.S.I.P. double should show a good opener or overcall which clarifies things. A pass or a bid may both show nothing as you did not double. Terrorism nv vrs vul needs competitive doubles or the partnership would have no idea what is going on. Just believing the opponents to judge things does not sit well with me. What if you are playing against a fellow terrorist ?


            When you are on the terrorist vulnerability with either partner being in the bidding somehow , you can not make a penalty double of their game. In all other non competitive auctions with the remaining vulnerabilities, a double of their game is penalty. Not so with the terrorist vulnerability. This is the “permission to sacrifice” D.S.I.P. double. We will make the assumption that when the opponents bid a game vul vrs not , there intent is to make the contract. However just in case , they run into a bad trump stack , the double can be converted.