Friday, January 12, 2007 5:38 AM
Hand Evaluation – Guessing Duplication of Value




            Tom Gandolfo , BJ Trelford , Stan Cabay & I have been developing D.S.I.P. theory since my first article on the subject dated August 2002. We have blown many IMPS but gained many IMPS. We have learned from our mistakes so enriched the theory. 5 years later ( tonight )  I just blew a big pickup because I fell in love with my singleton in their suit. This is a big mistake playing D.S.I.P. theory , because the D.S.I.P. double was invented to find out if your stiff in their suit is really worth gold. The double prevents you from making a bad guess.


            LHO opened a weak 2 on equal vulnerability (nv) , my partner overcalled 2♠ . They bid 3 so you hold xx x K109x ♣AQ10xxx , what do you bid ? The opponents are bidding my stiff at the 3 level so the 30 HCP rule is in effect right ? I really liked my hand so I bid 4♣. This shows where I live , shows my offensive hand & helps partner make a decision if they bid 4. Wrong ! partner held KQx opposite my stiff. A double by me says I want to bid but I have controls measured in quick tricks in the other suits. Partner converts for penalty , we take 3 clubs , 2 spades & two hearts for +500. We got beat in 4 with a couple of diamond ruffs but it is a bad contract anyway.


            Playing D.S.I.P. theory , you do not have to trust the opponents that they have all they HCP’s in their suits. Ask partner a question with a D.S.I.P. double .  One of the reasons that D.S.I.P. theory was invented was to bring partner into the decision making process in competitive auctions. Let the system do the work for you . The double in effect says , partner  do they have their HCP’s in their suits ? It works way better than guessing ! %^&$%&