Tuesday, January 23, 2007 9:58 AM
Hand Evaluation  -  Anti-Terrorism




            D.S.I.P. theory was developed in part due to my dislike of “modern bidding” . The mainstay of D.S.I.P. Theory is that you double asking permission to bid so as to not rescue terrorists from their meeting with Allah. D.S.I.P. theory is also based on recognizing the difference between defensive hands ( quick tricks ) as opposed to offensive hands ( distribution & soft values ) . This same D.S.I.P. ideas should apply to combating terrorism when they open a weak two or other pre-empt. When they open a weak two , forcing yourself to have a “shape” T/O is a losing strategy. Use equal level conversion as an excuse & initiate the first shot with a double if you have defense. This action leaves the penalty options open & you can still scramble to your best spot if they dodge the bullet.


            Terrorists get re-enforced time & time again because you let them ! When they intrude into your auction , forcing pass theory was designed so that they are not rescued. You pass around to partner if you have a defensive hand. Your first thought should be to punish them if you do not have a fit yourself or vulnerability conditions warrant it. Simple stuff. Combating terrorism in competition though needs some structure like D.S.I.P. theory.


            Here is a hand that shows D.S.I.P. theory nicely against the Lamberts. We are vul , they are not , it goes two passes to Mrs. Lambert in 3rd seat who opens a weak 2♠. I have ♠AKx KQ1098 Q10xx ♣10  , a hand most people would overcall 3. However , bidding rescues known terrorists & I do have a defensive hand with another suit so I double going in.  Doubling initially leaves some options open so If partner bids clubs , I can equal level convert to show the red suits. Osama has ♠QJ xxxx KJxxx ♣Jx  , you are not keeping him out of the auction so he bids 3. My partner has a very good defensive hand ( balanced with controls ) . ♠1098 AJx Ax ♣Q9876 so since I promise diamonds he doubles to show we have the balance of power. This gets converted by me so around to Osama who runs to the “safety” of 3♠ . Good plan ? Not really as Mrs Osama opened a weak 2♠ on ♠7xxxx !  My partner makes a forcing pass as the first D.S.I.P. double says we now own the auction & I double.


            When the smoke clears they are down 5 or 4 depending on the diamond guess. Double dummy defense , they are held to 3 tricks for +1400 !  +1100 or +800 though more than compensates for your game if there is one. This is how the auction should have gone. However,  in the crunch time my partner rescued them with a Q bid instead of a forcing pass. I bid 3NT & went down one as I misplayed the spade suit thinking that the weak two was not five to the 7 spot. The Q bid to show a strong hand when you do not have a fit is the worst possible bid in Bridge . Q bids should imply a fit your way. When you have power & no established fit , the opponents playing the hand doubled should be a very viable option. Forcing pass theory works very nice in combating terrorism.


            The reason why “modern bidding” works , is  the opponents rescue them time after time. Weak fields & club games breeds Bridge terrorism. The opponents have this irrational fear that if they pass with their good hand , this will end the auction. Bridge is a partnership game so when the ball is passed , partner should not fumble it.  When the national security advisor has a threat level of orange or higher , this means there is the threat of terrorism. React accordingly with the red card to blow them up instead..