Thursday, April 29, 2004 1:45 PM

D.S.I.P.  - Misfit Auctions




          There are still auctions where penalty “trump stack doubles” still apply in competition when partner has limited her hand with a conventional bid like a pre-empt , a weak two , a Michaels or unusual 2NT , the double is punitive. We do not want their input into the decision as they have already shown their hand. This treatment is for the initial double only. If we have raised or made a lead directing bids subsequently, D.S.I.P. doubles apply.  Balancing bids are subject to trump stack doubles if we are behind the suit. Obviously when we own the hand , it is established & obvious that it is our hand ( after 2/1 etc ), the double is penalty as per forcing pass theory. After we have doubled  or converted for penalty , doubling their runouts is obviously for penalty.


            There are important  low level auctions where trump stack doubles still apply . These auctions are called “misfit auctions” . There is no hint of a fit for partner , NT or a responsive double as usually been bid.  1♠-2♣-2♠-dbl  . The double is responsive for the red suits . There is no obligation to hold clubs on this auction. The opponents subsequently bid 3♠ so if either partner doubled it is for penalty . D.S.I.P. doubles must have an escape hatch . In auctions where there is no place to go .,when  a “D.S.I.P. like double has already been made,  the double is penalty. Another auction



3-p-p-dbl              Partner by virtue of the 1NT bid says there is no fit established so promises values in hearts. The double gives no safe exit to the spade overcaller . Therefore the double is a “trump stack”  penalty double..


A redouble usually shows no fit . Doubles after a redouble are penalty ( forcing pass theory)  so not D.S.I.P. doubles. The redouble was invented to start penalty double sequences so it works quite well. If either partner has converted a D.S.I.P. or negative double for penalty , doubling their run out is obviously a trump stack  double. An exception to misfit auctions is forcing NT auctions. 


A forcing 1NT auction is deemed not to be  a “misfit auction” & D.S.I.P. applies.



 P-P-Dbl –P         is a re-opening double not a trump stack penalty double . 


If we have a fit established  , the double is D.S.I.P.  as there is a safe alternative to passing by bailing out to the agreed suit.


A rule for D.S.I.P. doubles  at lower levels can be summed up two statements

My recommendation is to limit the use of D.S.I.P.  doubles to low level misfit auctions where:

The above is an important exception to not using D.S.I.P. doubles  in misfit auctions. If partner has shown two suits or a very long suit , how can her double be a “trump stack” double ?  Partner has limited his hand so how can he be sure of beating the contract ?  He can not ,  therefore the double is D.S.I.P.  D.S.I.P. doubles do not replace penalty doubles at low levels entirely (almost) . At higher levels , D.S.I.P.  theory makes trump stack doubles virtually extinct in competitive auctions ( under 5 level ) . Of course , forcing pass theory takes precedence at high levels  if we own the hand.

In fact , the main advantage of D.S.I.P. doubles at low levels is not rescuing opponents. Opponents in a bad spot do not get rescued by one of the partners bidding in front of the partner who wants to double them for penalty !!  The D.S.I.P. double as a permission to bid , gets converted by partner.