Monday, May 09, 2005 9:23 AM

Hand Evaluation - Fit vrs Non-fit Doubles




            D.S.I.P. doubles are defined for competitive auctions where you do not own the auction. These competitive auctions can be further subdivided to fit – non fit auctions. If we have shown a fit or the opponents have given us an opportunity to show a fit , A D.S.I.P. double shows defense so requests further offensive action. This understanding applies to any auction right up to but not including the 5 level if we have shown a fit .


           OK , D.S.I.P. doubles are still defined in competitive auctions where we have no fit or have not had a chance to show a fit. However,  the D.S.I.P. double has a different meaning. It is straight “card showing” tending to penalty as opposed to taking offensive action. With the appropriate hand, you still may take offensive action but the double is co-operative & does not show a trump stack. Lets define competitive auctions in this context. Balancing auctions are not  true competitive auctions so the over/under rule applies. If the opponents are in a forcing auction or have a fit themselves,  our doubles are conventional or D.S.I.P. You can not make penalty doubles of their forcing auction or if they are raising their suits at any level. Take your fix if you have their suit !  If you have not participated in the auction ( no competition ) & you subsequently double it is for penalty. You must have had a chance to pass a competitive bid at a lower level though.


            Let us go through a few “non fit” D.S.I.P. doubles.




 This double just shows “cards” . It does not show their trump or say anything about club support. 1-2-4-X  This is a non fit D.S.I.P. double showing cards so do something intelligent over there.  1-X-4-X  again this is a card showing D.S.I.P. double so not a trump stack due to the auction. A 4NT bid here would be Lebensohl.


            1-2-2-X  is a special form of D.S.I.P. double. Doubling a forcing bid for penalty is ludicrous so this is “snap-dragon” showing a tolerance for diamonds with the unbid suit which in this instance is clubs. If they bid game  , it is a card showing D.S.I.P. double. 1-2-4-X  Sorry , if you have a heart stack you must pass & wait for the re-opening double that may never come. You can not have it both ways . A double showing values will lead to a lot less fixes than the trump stack one. At least you get a plus with the trump stack hands & do not put pressure on partner to pull your penalty double.


            Do not forget that one of the premises of D.S.I.P. double theory is that it ferrets out duplication of value in their suit for competitive decisions. This applies to non fit D.S.I.P. doubles also . That’s why it is important to be disciplined in that regard. Vulnerable partner is allowed to pull the double to another suit if she feels it is the appropriate action. She is expecting HCP’s over there with no values in their suit. It’s much better for partner to know rather than guess on an important matter such as duplication of value. These non fit  D.S.I.P.  doubles are close to just straight penalty doubles but minus the trump stack . They are true co-operative or optional penalty doubles. If you do not think there is a better alternative ,  just pass the D.S.I.P. double so we will/may beat them on superior HCP strength. You may have to bite the bullet , knowing that they are going to make the game doubled.


            You are going to get fixed sometimes playing D.S.I.P. non fit doubles against some players. This is why re-opening doubles are so important if you have the quick tricks. Do not forget that partner can have a standard trump stack penalty double over there but can not take any action due to the system. Protect him if you can , just take your plus if you can not.