Thursday, April 14, 2005 4:45 PM

Hand Evaluation - Game Bid Interference




            In all  auctions with the opponents intruding right up to but not including the 5 level ,  only two scenarios can apply – forcing pass theory or D.S.I.P. theory. The 3rd option of simply old fashioned trump stack doubles do not apply in competitive auctions unless at the 5 level & above or a pre-empt took place. A double does not mean you have a trump stack and a pass means you do not have a trump stack.  When the opponents enter the auction, this should turn on a red light. You have an obligation to think forcing pass theory or D.S.I.P. theory . Your passes & doubles will have new meanings depending on which mode of operation the auction takes.


Lets discuss the auctions where we have bid game & now they interfere. Its not that we bid game that turns on forcing passes its how we bid game . A jump to game never turns on forcing passes no matter what the vulnerability with one important exception. If they pre-empt , we do not “pre-empt over a pre-empt” so a jump to game turns on forcing passes. Otherwise, to turn on forcing passes the partnership must have redoubled , doubled or made another strong bid like a Q bid , 2/1 or a reverse. All forcing pass & D.S.I.P. theory entails is keeping the partnership informed in order to make the best possible competitive decision. Pseudo sacrifices at the game level are prevented by D.S.I.P. theory as duplication of value in their suit is highlighted during the auction.


            Undisciplined players do not play Forcing Pass theory. It interferes with their destructive style that their bids can mean anything because they are trying to “fool” the opponents Poker style. The fact that partner is fooled also  means she is just the 3rd opponent. Who cares ?  Playing against Peter Jones & Lorna, the auction goes 1 by Lorna , 4 by Peter Jones . I had a decent hand with a long diamond suit so I “bid the table” & bid 5. Lorna has a decent hand but she is nv vrs vul so decides that in light of partners pre-emptive bid , a sacrifice in 5 is called for. My partner doubles but they go down only one as Peter tables an Ace with an outside KQ combination. 5X goes for –500 but there is no semblance of forcing pass theory due to the undisciplined 4 bid. Undisciplined jumps to game in the major always seem to get partner rather than the opponents.


My partner in the Calcutta held ♠Axxxx Kxxxx xx ♣x , I opened 1 . Would you ever consider pre-empting to 4 with 1 defensive tricks ? Slam is , of course ,  cold but partner will never move after the pre-emptive bid is made. You hold ♠QJ10xx KJx xxx ♣Ax , partner opens 1 vul & they interfere 2 . What is the hurry to leap to game with such a strong hand ? Make a bid that turns on forcing passes to put partner in the picture. The opponents quite often crawl in at the 5 level at this vulnerability so lets put partner in the picture re forcing pass theory.


            These auctions would turn on forcing passes. 1-P-2♠-3   X ( game try ) , 1-P-2♠-3   4 ( Q bid ) , 1-P-2♠-3   4/♣ ( 2nd suit ) . In the absence of these bids , say we jumped to game or got pushed to game , D.S.I.P. theory applies. Also a red flag appears if the opponents have made a takeout double. If we do not take the time to redouble or Q bid before bidding our game , forcing passes do not apply.


            What if in competitive auctions your side makes a game try & you bid game ? They subsequently interfere at the game level. Is it forcing passes or D.S.I.P. theory that rules ? A game try is a sign of strength so if game accepted , forcing pass theory applies. In all competitive auctions , we bounce back and forth between forcing pass theory or D.S.I.P. theory depending on whether we eventually own the auction.  It is essential that you know the signs that cause either understanding to apply. It is easier to know the forcing pass rules as they are quite strict. In all  competitive auctions , D.S.I.P. theory applies by default. You must own the auction for forcing pass theory to come into effect.  If you are in doubt whether the auction has turned on forcing passes, default to D.S.I.P. theory. In D.S.I.P. theory , you are allowed to pass the auction out.