Monday, April 28, 2003 4:03 AM

2/1 with a fit




            In Bridge theory, it is a given to show a good suit with a fit before some other feature of the hand like a singleton/void or a systemic bid like Jacoby 2NT. Experience shows that this information is far more important for slam purposes and making competitive decisions then showing a singleton . Therefore , in some instances it is required to bid a 2/1 with a 4 card fit with partners major rather then  a splinter or a Jacoby 2NT bid.


            Established partnerships should have some understandings worked out dealing with this issue .Luckily there is an idle bid available to describe these 4 card fits after a 2/1 . It is normally useless to make a jump preference for partners major after a 2/1 as it is game forcing anyway . Playing “Serious 3NT” we do not need to jump around to show extra so use the jump to show a 2/1 with 4 trump . It should not be interpreted as a splinter as splintering in partners suit is a no-no.


You hold Kxxx x xx AKQ10xx   and partner opens a spade . Splintering is just plain wrong as the club suit is the dominant feature of the hand . Using Jacoby 2NT hides the club suit also so it is best to bid a 2/1 . Partner now rebids 2 so now what . Jump to 3 !   2 is absolutely forcing so it can be done on all the 3 card support hands . You need a way to show 4 trump on 2/1 auctions. A jump to 4 should mean the only reason why I went to the two level in the first place as I have a fit with you and no outside controls . Playing “serious 3NT” this should be a very rare bid .


These auctions should change your Q bidding style.  Partner must have a good suit for these 2/1 bids. Therefore you treat the queen of his suit as equal to any other control when you are Q bidding. For example  Axxx xxx x AKJ10x         opposite KQJxx Ax Qxxx Qx     and the auction goes





  4NT                       The queen in partners suit is gold and +1430 results.


            In other parts of the world , a lot of pairs would bid 3♣ as a fit showing jump . In Edmonton , we do not subscribe to that bid except maybe as a passed hand or over after an overcall . Since we love our splinters , we need a bid to describe these hands as a non passed hand . What if we had a bad suit ? Say Kxxx x Ax Kxxxxx ?    Now a splinter is a more appropriate bid as it is the best feature of the hand . If you held Kxxx Ax Kx Q10xxx  , I would bid a Jacoby 2NT as the club suit is nothing to write home about . Tom and I play the 3♣ jump after a major to show any splinter and 3asks.


            Fit showing jumps make a lot of sense to me . However , since we do not play them in Edmonton , we must bid 2/1 first and then jump in partners major . This should clarify those auctions. Tom and I play a fit showing jump at the 4 level ( flower ) but it is weaker and almost pre-emptive like a jump to 4 of a major . We also play fit showing jumps as a passed hand .