Sunday, October 01, 2006 11:38 PM

2/1 Understandings




            My partners and I have an understanding that weak 5-5’s in spades and clubs are opened 1♣ . This treatment effects our 2/1 understandings. This is due to the low ranking club suit being bid at the 3 level after a 2/1, you show extra. We also treat 5-4-3-1 hands as “semi-balanced” and can bid NT with a stiff in partners suit. This leads to an understanding that any bid at the 3 level after a 2/1 shows extra . Extra in HCP or extra length with a 5-5 or better.


          I hate the default understanding that you rebid a 5 card major with difficult hands after a 2/1. No , no & no as that bid shows a 6 card suit. The default understanding is that you will rebid 2NT with difficult to bid hands which includes the 5-4-3-1 hand types. AJxxx x Qxx ♣AJ109  is a 2NT rebid after 1♠-P-2-P   . If your hand were stronger , AJxxx x AQx ♣AJ109 this would be a 3NT rebid after 2. What if you had a good hand in clubs and spades with nothing in diamonds ? Enter the 3♣ bid at the 3 level to show extra . AJxxx x Jxx ♣AKQx is a 3♣ bid after a 2 response by partner.


          The only time we will rebid a 5 card suit on these auctions is if our hand is too weak to go to the 3 level & I do not have a stopper in the 3rd suit. Luckily this means that most of my HCP’s are in my spade suit so I promote my 5 card suit to a 6 cards suit. AKJxx x xxx ♣KJxx  These 12 HCP’s are not strong enough to bid 3♣ so the very rare 2 bid.



           3 also shows extra HCP or extra diamond length by virtue of the 3 level. You manufacture a 2NT bid which is always the either or bid of a minimum or the 18-19 HCP . Rebidding a 5 card major is a very rare bid that we avoid at almost all costs.


          Over a 2/1 is the only time we buy into the “standard” bidding of 6-4’s. If by bidding the 4 card suit we are forced to the 3 level with a minimum hand , I will rebid the  6 card major. If I have a strong hand , I will show it by bidding by 4 card suit at the 3 level and bid by 6 card major later.

AKxxxx x AKQx ♣xx    1-P-2-P  3  to show the extra HCP’s.


          A reverse by opener does not necessarily show extra , however it may. A 1-P-2♣ has special sequences designed by Kokish so this particular 2/1 is well defined. 2/1 understandings are simply partnership agreement.