Sunday, September 05, 2004 11:36 PM

2/1 Passed Hand




Being a passed hand allows you some freedoms. One is the freedom from using the mal descriptive forcing 1NT when you have a suit of your own. If you do not play Drury ( like Tom & I  ) you still must bid 1NT with a 3 card fit for partner and limit raise values. We do not play forcing NT as a passed hand & if partner is too weak to bid again we are not missing anything. We also open 4 card majors in 3rd seat for lead so 1NT is probably the best spot anyway. A 2/1 as a passed hand shows a suit and probably 10 HCP’s. You have the inference that you did not open a weak two or choose to open light at the one level.


Tom & I do not play weak 2bids , so a 2/1 2 bid probably shows that hand. You do not play weak 2♣ bids so a 2/1 in clubs shows all those hands.. A 2 bid as a passed hand probably shows a bad suit and the reason you did not open a weak 2 vul is your were ashamed of your suit rather then your high card points. The majority of 2 bids as a passed hand will be on a 5 card suit ( weak 2 inference ). A 7 card suit with outside stuff is also a possibility. A 1NT bid is now more descriptive as meaning a flat hand with stoppers and of course can be passed.


A 2/1 as a passed hand brings in the question of forcing vrs non forcing bids. Passed hand 2/1’s should follow the same rules as a 2/1 in competition. The 2/1 bidder promises one more bid so the opener does not have to jump in order to force. This means all the good things of 2/1 bidding still apply. If opener jumps in a suit it is a splinter, if he jumps in his own suit it is a solid suit. If he raises your suit it is highly invitational as he could have passed your 2/1. Even if opener just rebids his suit , you owe him one more bid. You can not get out at the two level.


What about NT bids ?  As you are making a rather descriptive bid as a passed hand , partner can leap to a 3NT game if he feels its there. 2NT is just invitational and if you bail out to your suit the auction will die there 99% of the time. 2/1 as a passed hand is old fashioned Goren bidding. Raising suits are invitational and you jump to game if you feel it makes. Missing a slam is not an overriding consideration in these auctions.


AKxxx AKxxx x Ax      You open a spade in 3rd seat and partner bids 2 . You bid 2 forcing one round and partner bids 3 . Leap to 4 giving partner a choice of game contracts in the majors. Do not forget that partner is “all in” if he bid and rebid his suit.


AKxxx x Axxx AQx       You open a spade in 3rd seat and partner bids 2♦ . You bid 3to show your huge diamond fit and stiff heart.


            Will there be a case where partner will bid a 2/1 with a fit for openers suit? I do think so . Tom and I play fit showing jumps as a passed which takes care of all the 2/1’s  with 4 trump or three very good ones. The forcing NT takes care of all the limit raises with 3 trump. Tom and I also play 2NT to show a simple or limit raise with 4 trump so those hands are covered also. As a passed hand AJx x AJ10xx xxxx ,  I would bid 3 as a fit showing jump rather than 2or 1NT after partner opened 1 in 4th or 3rd seat.


            2/1 as a passed hand has a lot of inferences and its fun to describe your hand instead of the silly 1NT bid . Bridge is a game of suits so show yours as a passed hand !!