Wednesday, February 21, 2007 9:09 PM
 2 Over 1 – Escape Hatch




          2/1 is forcing to game unless responder rebids her suit. This 2/1 agreement is standard among expert players as the forcing NT is overburdened with too many hand types. In my opinion , there is one other situation where a 2/1 is not forcing to game. This sequence occurs where opener rebids her suit 3 times in succession. In this specific auction , responder may pass even though the 2/1 was originally forcing to game. 3 strikes and you are out so to speak.


`         ♠AQ98xx xx Ax ♣Qxx     opposite ♠x Jxx KQxxx ♣AKxx




           3♠-P-?               3NT with no heart stopper or 4 on a stiff are your options. How about pass with the 3 strikes you are out rule.


          ♠Qx xxx AKQJ10x ♣xx   opposite  Kxxx Jx xx ♣AKQxx






          These hands come up quite often. A  2/1 where we have no fit with openers suit and the bidding has identified a glaring fault for 3NT. Your options are to bid 3NT without a stopper or play in an identified misfit. I think 2/1 should be allowed one escape hatch and opener bidding her suit 3 times should be it.